Dr. Wayne Johnson, MD


Concern, Compassion, Commitment...there is truly no better way to describe the devotion and energy Dr. Johnson brings to every patient visit.  Having been chosen by Hilton Head Monthly subscribers as the “Island's Favorite Physician” in both 2004 and 2006, Dr. Johnson brings an old fashioned practice ideal into a new era.  Do you remember a time when your physician took the time to get to know you, not just your medical conditions?  Do you feel rushed or pressured by the time given to you during your doctor visits?  Make an appointment to meet Dr. Johnson and get to know a physician who refuses to compromise the integrity of care he provides.
Dr. Johnson founded Hilton Head Health & Wellness Associates in 1997.  With the recent renovation of his 2 Marshland Road address, he now is able to offer an 18,000 sq. ft. facility combining the efforts of 14 different health professionals and/or businesses devoted to the health needs of this community.
Dr. Johnson has created a simplified practice model.  He does not accept payment from any governmental agency or insurance company. Instead he is asking a reasonable “pay as you go” option or an all inclusive membership (see the Membership section for details) for those who have specialized needs or frequent visits to their physician.  His innovative approach defies the traditional model which has become recognized as dysfunctional by most physicians and consumers alike.   This has led to a great deal of disenchantment for both clients and physicians.  Dr. Johnson considers it a privilege to provide care to you and your family.
If it is an open minded, empathetic and innovative Physician you seek, look no further.  He offers a unique approach using traditional and alternative therapies including “natural” or bio-identical hormone replacement and functional medicine support to maximize your well being at every age.  Additionally there are innovative fitness and dietary therapies available, empowering you to be the 'best you can be'.  He listens to you, planning your care by helping define your health objectives, one patient at a time.

Dr. Wayne Johnson