Gentle Reminder

Recognizing The Sources Of Anxiety


Set an alarm on your phone, to go off hourly with a unique chime - one that has no other notification identity on this wicked piece of technological wonder.


When that unique alarm sounds, ask yourself, ‘what am I doing, feeling and thinking right now?’.


Take a moment to acknowledge whether you are experiencing one of the five sources of anxiety at that moment:


If you are experiencing such anxiety, ask yourself, is this bringing you joy; do you like being distracted by those emotions (a combination of our feelings and thoughts)?


If those feelings and thoughts are interfering with your productivity, peace or purpose, remember you can freely choose what you would like to feel, think or do next.


Challenge yourself, directing your attentive effort back to the list of words. Find a word that describes a potential solution for what anxiety is burdening you.


Immediately act to deliver on this emotion, behavior or response, by sharing your loving intention with others like only a human can.


Force yourself to be more patient if that is the word you choose.


Force yourself to be more positive if that is the word you choose.


Now, sit back and watch what happens in your relationships when you confront the sources of emotional distraction that create your suffering.