2. Unique Abilities:

When my consciousness becomes occupied by feelings and thoughts that have nothing to do with the moment I am in, it interferes with my ability to find the joy available in that moment.


If you would like to find more joyfulness in your life, maybe you should learn how to become more mindful and present.


With six simple understandings, you will learn what is needed to have to enjoy manifesting your greatest potential physically, emotionally and spiritually.


These six understandings will provide you all that is needed to achieve greater self-awareness, presenting you with the opportunity to enjoy life in this and every moment.

The Life Map
  • Consciousness is cool, being awake and alert, perceptive of the world around us.


  • However, we are not just awake and alert, conscious like other animals.


  • No, we are aware of the impact time and energy have upon our existence.


  • We can store our past, as knowledge, to plan our future.


  • What we are aware of, is how our actions, feelings and thoughts impact ourselves and others.


  • If we are consciously aware of what we are doing, feeling and thinking and can freely choose what we would like to do, feel or think next, why wouldn’t we choose to enjoy each moment of our existence?


  • Understanding how conscious awareness and free choice differentiate us from other animals is a critical understanding if you are going to learn to become more mindful and present.