3. Three Gifts:

When my consciousness becomes occupied by feelings and thoughts that have nothing to do with the moment I am in, it interferes with my ability to find the joy available in that moment.


If you would like to find more joyfulness in your life, maybe you should learn how to become more mindful and present.


With six simple understandings, you will learn what is needed to have to enjoy manifesting your greatest potential physically, emotionally and spiritually.


These six understandings will provide you all that is needed to achieve greater self-awareness, presenting you with the opportunity to enjoy life in this and every moment.

The Life Map
  • We have been provided three gifts that we are uniquely aware of. These gifts separate us as human beings from other animals.


  • First, we became aware of our physical gifts; providing us an awareness of what it was that we are doing.


  • So profound, these physical gifts allowed us to live anywhere and eat anything. No other animal can survive is such ecological diversity.


  • Next, we would become aware of our emotional gift; providing us the ability to be aware of feelings.


  • Giving us the capacity to freely choose who it is we desired to love and reproduce with. No other animal can direct the creation of life with free choice.


  • However, we were primitive, raw and yet to be domesticated or understand how to apply loving intention into this world.


  • We were in need of some guidance if we were going to make one another better.


  • Fortunately, we were provided a third and final gift, our spiritual gift; providing us an awareness of what we were thinking.


  • Providing humanity, the necessary guidance to love appropriately. With this knowledge, we could create life in a more idealized image of what we entered the world believing possible.


  • Understanding how our physical, emotional and spiritual differentiate us from other animals is a critical understanding if you are going to learn to become more mindful and present.