1. Limited Resources:

When my consciousness becomes occupied by feelings and thoughts that have nothing to do with the moment I am in, it interferes with my ability to find the joy available in that moment.


If you would like to find more joyfulness in your life, maybe you should learn how to become more mindful and present.


With six simple understandings, you will learn what is needed to have to enjoy manifesting your greatest potential physically, emotionally and spiritually.


These six understandings will provide you all that is needed to achieve greater self-awareness, presenting you with the opportunity to enjoy life in this and every moment.

The Life Map
  • What if, I was to offer you a finite amount of a resource, so valuable, you couldn’t live without it?


  • What if, you were provided a limited amount of that resource, yet required to use it in each moment, whether you liked it or not?


  • What if, when that resource was gone, you would no longer be able to survive; your existence, as you know it would come to an end.


  • How would you choose to use such a resource?


  • What if I told you that there were two such resources and they are dependent upon one another; one without the other is useless.


  • This is what time and energy are.


  • Your born in the world with only so much. You use time and energy in each moment, whether you like it or not. When gone, so are you.


  • Time without energy is useless, this is what depression feels like.


  • Energy without time is useless, this is what mania feels like.


  • Understanding the value of how time and energy influence our existence is a critical understanding if you are going to learn to become more mindful and present.