The Mantra

Saying this mantra reminds us of the importance choice has upon our unique existence. If followed, this mantra will direct us to acknowledge the importance of faith as it applies to loving intention. Stressing the ability we have to care for ourselves and others to improve upon what was.


I am consciously aware of what it is that I am doing, feeling and thinking.


Conscious awareness offered humanity the unique ability not only to be conscious, awake and alert like other animals. However, our consciousness offered us much more, presenting us with an opportunity to be aware of what we were doing, feeling and thinking. We would begin to understand the impact time and energy had upon our existence; we could begin to store our past to plan our own future.


I, as well, am capable of freely choosing,


Our ability to plan, meant we would begin to make decisions that would knowingly impact our life and the life of those we influenced. With this unique ability, we would become aware of the choices we could make freely, storing experiential life in our subconscious mind as memory. We could access these memories later, with our awareness, to make decisions to create a future we desired.


The opportunity would present itself for us uniquely to freely choose what we would like to do, feel or think next. We would be able to take the reins of our own life, improving upon what was. Creating an improved existence for, not just for oneself, but all of humanity. We could do so, if we so chose, with loving intention, and make this happen.


how to utilize my time and energy efficiently,


In order to improve upon what was, we couldn’t be wasteful of our time and energy. Every bit of our time and energy must have gone into meeting the basic needs of survival, manifesting in our existence in our actions, feelings and thoughts.


Our unique abilities (conscious awareness and free choice) gave us an understanding of how we could use those limited resources of time and energy to influence our lives and the lives of those we cared for. Because these resources were limited, we should aim to use them with great care and efficiency, to get the most out of our existence.


by being aware, challenging, being patient and honoring


Obliging oneself to be aware of what we were doing, feeling and thinking would provide us access, in each moment, to our mind, and the choices we would find ourselves creating. If we found that we did not like what we were doing, feeling and thinking presently, we could challenge ourselves, freely choosing to do, feel and think otherwise.


To gain the necessary knowledge to migrate all that we could create, would take time and energy; we would need to be patient with ourselves and others, as we learned how to use our newfound gifts. We would need to learn how to care for ourselves, honoring ourselves physically by resting, nourishing and challenging our bodies. We could honor ourselves emotionally by loving ourselves, our friends and family and society appropriately.


As well, we could honor ourselves spiritually by acknowledging that there is guidance available to us, built into our mind awaiting our access, that we should have faith in when making decisions. Our instincts would guarantee us that our needs could be met.


Our intellect would serve our needs and eventually would serve to satisfy our wants. Our intuition would provide us the necessary knowledge to have what it was we truly desired, good loving relationships with others.


my unique physical, emotional and spiritual gifts.


If we could, taking care of the physical gifts by resting, nourishing and challenging ourselves, we would find that we could live on any land mass and eat virtually anything. This would allow mankind the opportunity to relinquish the control evolution had upon our beings. Permitting us to independently make another powerful choice for ourselves. Letting go of this environmental restriction would not be easy.


Once food, shelter and safety were satisfied, there would be only one additional thing we would need to choose to survive; a reproductive partner. Our emotional gift allowed us to choose who we wanted to love and reproduce with. Permitting mankind, the opportunity to choose the characteristics and traits of a partner.


This permitted humanity a creative opportunity; engineering our offspring in a more idealized image of what we came into this world being. We would need to learn how to love ourselves, our friends and family and society appropriately if we were going to make this happen.


However, we had no idea how to be responsible to one another. Instinct had provided little beyond meeting need; this would require some guidance. This is where and how our spiritual gift would develop. Providing us the necessary guidance to create improvements to ourselves, our lives and the lives of those we loved.


We would begin to add to our primitive instincts, by gaining knowledge intellectually and intuitively. This would ease the burden of decision making.


This is where we were encouraged to have faith in the guidance available to us, having been instructed to spend some time honoring it through acknowledgement exercises like prayer, meditation and affirmations.


Continually challenging myself to be productive, be at peace and fulfill purpose;


If we wanted to be present, we would need to work hard, challenging ourselves physically to be productive. We would need to challenge ourselves emotionally, to be at peace in all our relationships. And, we would need to challenge ourselves spiritually to use the guidance available to us to make decisions to fulfill purpose with our time and energy. To improve upon what was, would require decisions to be made with loving intention.


having faith that the guidance I receive


The knowledge that we have gained, both intellectually and intuitively are learned through different means. Our intellect is learned knowingly, applying our attentive effort to gain such knowledge helps us to be the best athlete, artist, engineer or scientist.


This requires study and practice. However, our intuitive understandings are learned best by observation. When we witness someone communicating well, and see them joyful, we say to ourselves, ‘I want to be more like that’. Thus, communication, faith, empathy and sacrifice are the amazingly powerful tools of intuition. They help us to share knowledge, describing how we should use our social, spiritual, emotional, and nurturing forms of intuitive knowledge to make one another better.


These intuitive understandings need to be practiced as well. The obligations described above work to force us to keep this understanding in the present moment.


will allow me to experience the joy available in my relationships with those I love


Using the available guidance, in the form of knowledge can be quite burdensome if not balanced. Our intellect, or the tree of knowledge can be quite tempting. As long as mankind creates what it is we want, we will forever believe that the newest, latest and greatest thing will make us happy. However, happiness is always temporary and fleeting.


Our intellect will brilliantly just continue to create more and more for us to want. When being mindful and present, we realize that our joy in life doesn’t come from having what it is we want, it comes from our relationships with one another. This is where our intuitive knowledge intended to keep a balance. Curbing our egos and incessant longing to prove how great we are by having everything we want. Intuition provides us insight into how to have loving relationships with one another.


ultimately allowing me not to be distracted from the present


When we are being physically productive, emotionally at peace in our relationships and fulfilling purpose with our decisions, we find ourselves being present, not distracted by anxiety in the moment of life we are living.


so that I can enjoy each and every moment of my existence!


Being present and mindful allows us to use our physical, emotional and spiritual gifts fully. Our unique abilities allow us to be aware of what we are doing, feeling and thinking and to freely choose what we would like to do, feel or think next. Using our time and energy in this manner allows us to make a choice. Whether or not to enjoy each and every moment of our existence?